Fiducia Partners Appoints Stephen Reeves As Investment Director

Fiducia Partners is pleased to announce that our executive team has welcomed Stephen Reeves to the role of Investment Director. Stephen was educated at Hilton College in South Africa before relocating to the UK to begin a contract as an international cricket professional. Upon retiring from professional Cricket, Stephen read Law at Teeside University, followed… Continue reading Fiducia Partners Appoints Stephen Reeves As Investment Director

Building a Business to Sell: Get it Right from the Start

By keeping this advice in mind, you can ensure the best chance of a successful sale in the future, or indeed a smooth transition to successors.

Stewarding Your Family’s Wealth

For multi-generational families whose goal it is to nurture wealth for future generations, long-term investments don’t just span 10 years, but 50 or 100 years.

Family Business Feuds and How Stop Them Being Fatal

Serious feuds over the family business are generally less common during the first generation of ownership with problems often arising when there is more money, more power and more status involved.

Bringing A Non-Family CEO Into The Family Business

Needing to source a CEO from outside the family shouldn’t be seen as a failure, rather an opportunity.

Why Integrity is Crucial in Business

The standard definition of integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. It is a state of mind rather than situational, meaning you are consistent in your actions at all times, not just when others are looking.

Preventing Standoffs Between Active And Non-Active Family Shareholders

Whether involved or not, in a family business every family member feels some degree of responsibility because the business is often interwoven with the family’s history, future and financial wellbeing.

Preparing Your Children For Their Inheritance

Starting the conversation with your children about their inheritance is not an easy task. However staying quiet in an effort to raise financially independent children can result in them being unprepared for the wealth transfer and lead them to squander or mismanage it.