Ultimate Travel Experiences For Extraordinary People

May 9th, 2019 Posted by Family Wealth 0 thoughts on “Ultimate Travel Experiences For Extraordinary People”

With spring now in full swing I’m starting to think about taking some time away from London, which for me often means escaping to my beloved Mallorca. But what about when you’re looking to go somewhere off the beaten path or have a completely unique experience?

For many of my clients, this is what travelling is all about as they work extremely hard to create and sustain their family legacy so when they take a break, they want to use it to do something or go somewhere truly amazing. 

I am therefore delighted to announce that Fiducia Partners has formed an alliance with luxury travel company, Blue Marble Private, which curates some of the world’s most extraordinary and unique travel experiences I have come across and that we can now offer to Fiducia Partners’ extraordinary clients. 

When I had the great pleasure of meeting Elizabeth Ellis, the founder of Blue Marble Private, it quickly became clear that for those on a never ending quest to go one step further than most, Elizabeth is the person to go to. Before founding Blue Marble Private she spent two years travelling the world, making global contacts and expanding mindsets on what’s possible to be able to offer unique, creative and thrilling travel experiences.

One such unique experience Blue Marble Private offers is to take a submarine to 3,800 metres below sea level to reach the wreck of the Titanic. Elizabeth, a certified OceanGate Affiliate has been working with OceanGate Expeditions, the US firm who is operating the six-week scientific and exploratory expedition that provides adventurous citizen explorers an opportunity to work alongside researchers and content experts in an effort to document and preserve the historic site. This trip is the ultimate for those wanting an exclusive experience as far fewer people have visited the wreck of the Titanic than the number of people who have been to space or summited Mount Everest. As a certified OceanGate Affiliate, Blue Marble Private is authorised to offer space on the 2019 expeditions and whilst space is limited for this year there is space on the 2020 expedition. This trip is made even more exclusive by the fact that rust forming bacteria is rapidly consuming the Titanic which is expected to be eaten away within 15 to 20 years, so it really is a sight that not many people will be able to see. 

And for another trip of a lifetime, Blue Marble Private’s Antarctica trips sounds otherworldly. Elizabeth spoke of coming up close to Emperor penguins and flying over the frozen Antarctic Ocean to see its blue ice tunnels. I’m told that access to the interior of Antarctica is severely limited each year so this isn’t a trip many people can say they have done.

For something closer to home but no less exciting, Blue Marble Private also recently organised an experience where clients flew in formation with Breitling’s fighter jet team. Their clients flew at 400mph over France’s Burgundy wine region and continued the experience on the ground with the region’s exquisite food and wine – a perfect combination of exhilaration and relaxation.

If I’ve tempted you into forgoing the usual and wanting to take an extraordinary trip you can take advantage of our alliance and contact Elizabeth Ellis – Founder of Blue Marble Private – on or +44 203 411 2191.

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