A Multi-Family Office

Fiducia Partners is an independent, multi-family office headquartered in Holland Park, London.

Trust is at the heart of everything we do.

Fiducia Partners provides family office services, business introductions, co-investment and merchant banking services for our UHNW clients. Through our trusted network we guarantee privileged access to business opportunities, specialising in introductions to investment opportunities across a variety of sectors.


We only work with established contacts and a vetted global network of private individuals, families and professional advisors to ensure we offer an exceptionally high standard of service.

Quote –

“Managing a family’s wealth requires careful thought and judgment. As wealth increases so too does the complexity of decision-making required to effectively manage a growing portfolio. We, at Fiducia Partners, are dedicated to supporting our clients through these decisions so they can get on with the important things in life.”

– Michael D Oliver, Founder and CEO of Fiducia Partners

Our Clients

From ultra-high-net-worth individuals and their families to investment funds, we work hard to understand our clients’ values and goals and, drawing on years of experience, deliver bespoke solutions which match their way of working.

UHNW Individuals

Prime Property Investors

Investment Funds

UHNW Families

Family Offices

Sovereign Wealth Funds

Our Services

Our services are always uniquely tailored to suit our clients’ specific needs.

Family Office Services

We provide forward-thinking family office services across a diverse client base, operating in partnership with leading tax advisers, investment managers and law firms.


Our partners and families invest side-by-side with our clients.

Deal Origination

Through our wide network of trusted connections, counterparts and clients we offer unparalleled access to private equity, seed investments and business opportunities.

Capital Raising

We help our clients raise capital for their businesses, recommending the most appropriate private equity and debt funders for them to meet and helping them assess the offers they receive.

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