Drawing on the expertise of our specialists and experts, Fiducia Partners insights looks at the investment trends of today, innovations of tomorrow and issues that matter to our UHNW and family office clients.

After a terrible year for everyone, 2021 promises to be a turning point. It doesn’t feel that way right now
“Buy land, they’re not making it anymore” famously said Mark Twain. And so it is to Prime Central London where
Over the last six weeks all businesses have been tested and many family businesses have shown themselves to be resilient
We're extremely pleased to have some of our expertise featured in a recent Forbes article looking at challenges often faced
Knight Frank published its 2020 Wealth Report this week and as usual, it contains some interesting insights into the mindset
Fiducia Partners Insights - Wealth Preservation and Succession in China
According to Wealth-X’s most recent Billionaire Census report, there are currently around 285 billionaires in China although other reports suggest
Fiducia Partners Insights - Stewarding Your Family's Wealth.png
Managing your family’s wealth is a great responsibility, especially when it has accumulated over several generations. You don’t want to
Fiducia Partners Insights - When Leaders Won't Let Go Of Running The Family Business
There are many stories in the family business world of leaders struggling to let the next generation take the reins.
Fiducia Partners Insights - Firing A Family Member From The Family Business
Firing a long-term employee is difficult. Now imagine firing a family member. Unfortunately, this is sometimes necessary and while it
Fiducia Partners insights - Bringing A Non-Family CEO Into The Family Business
There are times in the life of a multigenerational family business when it might be suitable to appoint a non-family
Fiducia Partners Insights - Family Office Trends
Family Offices are known to be very discreet and don’t often share much about their inner workings in the public
Fiducia Partners Insights - Fundamental Principles for Investing Success
No investment is without risk but as seasoned investors will tell you there are a few principles you can follow
Fiducia Partners Insights - What Happens After Selling The Family Business
Succession planning can be one of the most challenging aspects of owning and operating a family business and sometimes the
Fiducia Partners Insights - How the 0.01% travel
It’s August, which means London is empty as people fly off to enjoy sunshine, sea and relaxation. And for ultra-ultra-wealthy
Fiducia Partners Insights - Investing For Your Great-Grandchildren
For many ultra-wealthy families a successful investment is one that lasts decades and benefits generations. Making investments that will still
Fiducia Partners insights - Investing in AI
This week I wanted to write about something that might provoke you to think about a new investment area. Artificial
Fiducia Partners Insights - What is a family office?
The term ‘family office’ is not widely known, and for good reason. While there is no strict definition, a family
Fiducia Partners Insights - Billionaires Giving Money To Charity Not Children - LI-W
Children of ultra-wealthy families can usually grow up safe in the knowledge that a sizable inheritance will come to them.
Fiducia Partners Insights - Sibling Rivalry in the Family Business
Over my many years of working with wealthy families and their businesses, sibling rivalry is a problem I have seen
With spring now in full swing I’m starting to think about taking some time away from London, which for me
Fiducia Partners Insights - Passion Investing An Introduction to Classic Cars
Investing in your passions can be extremely rewarding and for many of the world’s wealthiest people this means investing in
Fiducia Partners Insights - Understanding The Property Cycle And How To Use It
“The next major bust, 18 years after the 1990 downturn, will be around 2008, if there is no major interruption
Fiducia Partners Insights - How To Begin Succession Planning In A Family Business
Every year 70% of family businesses fail to successfully transition from the first generation to the second. It’s not surprising
Fiducia Partners Insights - Five Locations To Buy Property in 2019
The UK prime property outlook is dominated by Brexit and what will happen when, or perhaps ‘if’, the UK leaves
Fiducia Partners Insights - Is Investing In Art A Good Or Terrible Idea?
Art and visiting exhibitions is one of my greatest enjoyments and so this week I decided to write about the
Fiducia Partners Insights - Four Reasons To Rebalance Your Investment Portfolio
Portfolio rebalancing is something people rarely do despite being essential for any investment strategy. As all investors know, considering goals,
Fiducia Partners Insights - How I Buy Off-Market Property
For many years I have specialised in buying property for my clients and in most cases my clients wouldn’t have
Fiducia Partners Insights - Weak Pound Presents An Opportunity For International Investors
Since June 2016 the UK property market has been in a state of flux with many property investors adopting a
Fiducia Partners Insights - Ensuring Good Relationships Between Active and Non-Active Family Shareholders
A few months ago I wrote about preventing feuds from becoming fatal for the family business. In that piece I focused
Fiducia Partners Insights - Co-investing What is it and should you be doing it?
Co-investing among family offices has been on the rise for some years and a report released last week indicates that
Fiducia Partners Insights - Paris's Prime Property Boost
As Brexit fast approaches, Paris is enjoying a rise in property prices amid uncertainty in London’s prime property market and
Fiducia Partners Insights - Building Trust in Business Relationships
Developing strong relationships is crucial for success in business and is something that involves several factors of which I would
Fiducia Partners Insights - Bulk-buying in London's Luxury Property Market
According to a recent report by property data experts Molior London, some 15,000 newly completed luxury flats in London remain
Fiducia Partners Insights - The Future For Family Offices
The number ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) families is rising and with them, more single and multi-family offices created to serve them. Knight
Fiducia Partners Insights - Why Integrity is Crucial in Business
For everyone in business, personal integrity is crucial for having a good reputation, self-respect and achieving long-term success. There are of course
Fiducia Partners Insights - Developing a Family Charter
You might be surprised to find out that in the UK only 14% of families with a business have a
Fiducia Partners Insights - Preparing Your Children For Their Inheritance
Starting the conversation with your children about their inheritance is not an easy task. Something I know many ultra-high-net-worth families
Fiducia Partners Insights - Family Business Feuds
Family business feuds – whether they start in the family and spill over into the business or start in the
Fiducia Partners Insights - Impact Investing
In the last year, the estimated value of the impact investing sector has doubled to roughly $228 billion in assets
Fiducia Partners Insights - Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Business
A successful business exit is a significant achievement for an entrepreneur as it establishes precisely how much value you have
Fiducia Partners Insights - Key Considerations When Selecting An Investment Fund
Selecting an investment fund in can feel a bit overwhelming with thousands to choose from and many ways to measure
Fiducia Partners Insights - Up-and-Coming Locations to Invest in Real Estate
When I’m considering a new real estate investment I try to identify up-and-coming locations so I invest ahead of the
Fiducia Partners Insights - Three Ways to Invest in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
The Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR 4.0) is making an impact on sectors around the world. The possibilities of artificial intelligence,


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